Jan 25, 2010

Trying this blogging thing again

A friend and I recently made an agreement that we'd both make an attempt to blog about our dogs on a regular (at least weekly) basis. I'm not sure yet what exactly mine will consist of - likely a mix of training notes, random pictures, and video from trials.

One of the biggest areas I need to work on in my training sessions is documenting them - I tend to keep mental notes about what happened, but rarely if ever write down how things went which makes it a bit more difficult long-term.

In addition I've realized that due to various technology glitches I don't have as many pictures of my dogs as I'd like, which is something I'm becoming all too aware of as my dogs get older. Dewy turned 7 this past September, Rio turned 6 in October, and Merlin turned 5 in September also.

We may also have a new member joining our family this year, and I aim to have plenty of pictures to share. :)

I think that's about all for now - going to finish setting up this blog and then focus on getting some homework done and websites updated. I spent a fair bit of the day playing outside with the dogs and now am playing catch up! I plan to update in the next day or two about our first attempts with Get On The Ball work.

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