Mar 16, 2010


Already too much delay in blogging! Merlin, Rio and I are headed to the Louisville cluster after my class tomorrow morning.

Merlin is entered in Excellent B Standard all 4 days, and Excellent B JWW on Thursday and Saturday. He needs 3 MX legs and 2 MXJ legs to finish each title - so it's definitely possible to do both this weekend. If we don't that's okay :)

Rio is entered in Open Standard all 4 days, and Open JWW on Thursday and Saturday. By my records he needs 2 OA legs and 1 OAJ leg to finish each title - however when I just looked him up on AKC they don't have his OA leg listed. Guess I'll need to look into that!

Too much to still finish before we hit the road tomorrow (including school-related things)! Will try to see if someone will video, but no promises with that. :)

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