Jul 10, 2010


I've always done a (possibly tweaked) version of the Choose To Heel method when teaching my dogs to heel, but have since learned about the method that Fanny Gott (link to the right) has blogged about. It seems quite interesting to me, and I think it's a sensible way to be able to train heeling during the same period you're training for the show ring without the two conflicting (since in the beginning stages they look entirely different). So I think once I've done some of the prerequisite work below (front position, heel position, and finishes) I may give it a go with Potion. :)

I should make a list of stuff I want to work on in the near future (or already am) since lists supposedly keep people more on track ;)
  • Nose-to-hand touch
  • Positions (on verbal cue + building duration [stand especially])
  • Front and Heel positions
  • Finishes
  • Crate Games
  • Wobble board work
  • Perch work
  • Handstand?
  • Back up
Yes... you really saw a list fairly agility-free, despite me being a huge agility addict. I'm biding my time on starting the agility, primarily because I think it's going to go insanely quickly once we start, so I want her to be close to a (IMO) acceptable age to be doing the full height/difficulty of that obstacle before we do much with it. She's making it terribly difficult though :) And I suspect we'll start the super tame stuff before long, such as tunnels and the pause table. I will hold off a bit longer yet on starting to teach her a running dog walk. I don't have concerns about the obstacle itself being remotely stressful on the body - however I do have reservations based on her current coordination. I'd like her to be a bit more balanced and sure-footed before we get to the point of having the plank up at much of any elevation. The last thing I want/need is her to splat off the side and hurt herself. As you can see below.. the coordination needs some work yet ;) as I'm pretty sure she was intending to go towards the ball... not away from it.

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