Aug 28, 2010

We're alive (and busy)!

Long time no post, I know, I know. I don't really have the brain power to catch the blog up on a detail of each training session I've had since my last post re: training, so I'll summarize where everything currently is starting with the stuff I mentioned in my "to do" list.
  • Nose-to-hand touch
    • Relatively OK, needs a bit more work and a cue.
  • Positions (on verbal cue + building duration [stand especially])
    • MUCH more progress on these. Verbal "sit" cue needs work and "stand" is still a bit iffy, but distance and duration are coming along very nicely!
  • Front and Heel positions
    • Haven't worked on these since the last time I posted about them, so they still need work.
  • Finishes
    • Same as above.
  • Crate Games
    • Keep meaning to do these, more to build more value in her home crate than to improve self control. Her self control is coming along very nicely (see further down the list).
  • Wobble board work
    • She's comfortable with it and has had a couple sessions but we haven't spent much time on it yet.
  • Perch work
    • We're at a partial pivot clockwise in one session, need to work on it some more. :)
  • Handstand?
    • Haven't tried it yet.
  • Back up
    • Haven't done much with it yet.
 Now for the other stuff we've been working on ...
  • Tunnel
    • Straight and curved tunnels at full length, working on finding the entry and speed.
  • Chute
    • Full length, working on finding the entry and driving out straight til out of the fabric.
  • Jump standards
    • Seeking out jump standards when my motion supports them and wrapping appropriately when indicated.
  • Lead out
    • Stays in the position I asked for, where I asked for it, until verbally released. Can easily get 2.5 jumps ahead.
  • Crosses/Turns on flat
    • Haven't spent much time on it, going well so far. Haven't introduced rear cross yet.
  • Pause table
    • Have only had her on it a few times, want to build drive to the table, a send to the table, and ability to stick on it even when I continue past (all with auto down).
  • Heel
    • Started with Fanny Gott's method today... pleased so far, we'll see how it goes.
  • Gaiting
    • Her patterns are going much better - she's not arguing with me about where we're going :) and she's learning to do her go-round out in front :)
  • Free stack
    • It's coming along... I'm starting to get picky about foot placement and also building up distance and duration on a loose lead.
  • Drop on recall
    • Totally surprised me - but then again all my dogs have in their understanding of cue = cue NOW. I was using the DOR to test Potion's understanding of down and was pleasantly surprised to have a dog who bolted to me and slid into a drop on a single verbal cue. Since we don't have a front I break off the exercise at the drop (but would anyway since I want to reinforce a fast drop).
  • Herding
    • We had our second stock exposure and I was very pleased with how she's doing so far. We intend to keep going  back whenever time permits, since it's a bit over an hour away and have lessons on weekends and Wednesday mornings.

Additionally, we tentatively have the following shows planned. :) We may be attending some agility or obedience trials as well - haven't decided yet.
  • September 18-19 - Lebanon, IN
  • September 25-26 - Columbus, IN
  • October 2-3 - Monroe, MI
  • October 30-31 - Delaware, OH
  • November 3-7 - Ft. Wayne, IN
  • November 18-21 - Columbus, OH
  • December 4-5 - East Lansing, MI
  • December 16-19 - Cleveland, OH

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