Nov 11, 2010

Yup, Still Alive!

We're still alive! :) Potion and I have been insanely busy recently - not only in making progress in the behaviors we're working on, but also as my demo puppy for many of my classes. :) It's hard to believe she's going to be 8 months in just a week, but in some respects it feels she's been here for much longer. I hope to do a video soon of what Potion's been up to as a more visual summary - maybe for her 8 month birthday? :)

In the meantime, here's an updated list taken from the previous post -

Long time no post, I know, I know. I don't really have the brain power to catch the blog up on a detail of each training session I've had since my last post re: training, so I'll summarize where everything currently is starting with the stuff I mentioned in my "to do" list.

  • Nose-to-hand touch
    • Pretty much finished. :)
  • Positions (on verbal cue + building duration [stand especially])
    • Very nice so far, but haven't spent much time building up duration. Excellent with distractions.
  • Front and Heel positions
    • Need to spend some time fine-tuning each but coming along well.
  • Finishes
    • Pretty good - will save the refining for after front and heel positions are finished.
  • Crate Games
    • Finished. :)
  • Wobble board work
    • Very comfortable with this, as well as jungle gym on a low teeter.
  • Perch work
    • Haven't focused on it as much recently - need to go back to it.
  • Handstand?
    • Still haven't tried it yet.
  • Back up
    • Needs more refined and independence. 
  • Tunnel
    • Certifiable tunnel addict. ;)
  • Chute
    • See above.
  • Jump standards
    • Still working on improving her seeking out jump standards when my motion supports them and wrapping appropriately when indicated.
  • Lead out
    • Stays in the position I asked for, where I asked for it, until verbally released. Can easily get 2.5 jumps ahead. Refuses to break prematurely even with her best buddy behind her, begging to play. :)
  • Crosses/Turns on flat
    • Needs a bit more time spent on it but she's picking it up very well :)
  • Pause table
    • Have only had her on it a few times, want to build drive to the table, a send to the table, and ability to stick on it even when I continue past (all with auto down).
  • Heel
    • Very pleased so far! :) Main goals at this point are to increase her understanding on exactly where it is, and then build duration.
  • Gaiting
    • Excellent - she very rarely argues with me ;)
  • Free stack
    • Good most of the time - need to refine foot placement.
  • Drop on recall
    • Excellent - just need to clarify that I only want a drop when I ask for one (smart little BC wants to add them into a normal recall ;))
  • Herding
    • Going well! Our instructor doesn't want us back more than once every month or two til she's close to a year, so we maintain exposure to stock but don't get into bad habits before we're ready for more serious work. :)
 We've been working on more than just this list - but I have to run to class so I'm afraid I'll have to add additional things we've done later :)

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